TCGplayer is committed to finding creative ways to boost your sales and bring hobbyists and their wallets to your online store. We do this by using our marketing power and offering promotional perks, which allow hobbyists across the platform to earn TCGplayer credit on any qualifying purchase.

The idea is simple: Reward shoppers for their purchases by giving them credit to buy even more from you! We cover the overhead and promotional costs so that you can increase your sales and we can keep the marketplace vibrant. And according to our data, sales increase significantly during these promotional periods.

So, how can you, as a seller, take full advantage of a TCGplayer Bonus Bucks promotion?

TCGplayer Tips and Tricks
For starters, we highly encourage you to list all of your inventory, even those cards that have been sitting on the back of the shelf collecting dust. This is the most effective way to increase revenues and profits during a promotion: the more inventory available, the better the chance for sales. In fact, 82% of sellers list additional inventory as a way to maximize sales during our Bonus Bucks promotions.*

Additional ways to maximize sales:

  • List your higher-end inventory. Buyers are way more likely to splurge on the expensive products they’ve been eyeing if the sale is sweetened by TCGplayer credit.
  • Don’t overlook the power of listing format staples. For instance, Esika's Chariot appears in over 40% of Standard Magic: The Gathering decks, making it one of the most popular cards in the Standard format. Shoppers are always looking to buy these commonly played cards.
  • Add unique products to your catalog. Aesthetics are important and shoppers are more likely to purchase unique products like alternate art cards and foils during a TCGplayer promotion. Maybe now is the time to list that Misty Rainforest Expedition after all?

The most important thing you can do to maximize your sales during a TCGplayer Bonus Bucks promotion is ensure that your inventory is listed and current. We take care of the marketing and promotion expenses so you can boost your sales.

* According to data gathered on October 6, 2021.