The value of a TCG card can change quickly, so it’s important for your business that you can update your prices as fast as possible. We make it easy to update many prices at once with CSV imports and MassPrice for TCGplayer Pro. Here’s a peek at the technology that powers those tools and the improvements that are making them even faster.

How We Got 20 Times Faster Pricing

With hundreds of sellers each updating thousands of cards daily, how does the TCGplayer database stay on top of all those changes? The database sorts all price update requests into a queue, like the checkout line at a grocery store, so it can process requests in the order they were made.

Near the end of 2018, we noticed that our database was becoming overwhelmed during peak usage periods. The queues became longer, which meant that the database took longer to reflect sellers’ price updates. We resolved to speed up pricing in 2019.

In the last few months, we’ve used new technology to improve our system by batching price updates together. The results have been phenomenal. Our old system could process about 50 updates per second. The new system processes 1,000 updates or more every second—which means an update that during peak times that could have taken an hour last year could now take just a couple minutes. You’ll see the biggest improvements when using the Pricing tab, but MassPrice is now faster as well.

Same Speed Enhancements Coming Soon for TCGplayer Buylist

In addition to helping you update your inventory prices faster, we’re working to expand our new system to include TCGplayer Buylist prices as well. That way you can update your Buylist faster whether you use CSV imports or MassPrice.

Our Technology team is excited to continue bringing you better performance and new innovations. If you have concerns or suggestions about other ways we can improve the seller experience, reach out and let us know.