Ahoy! On October 15th, we will be launching the much-awaited Trial Deck of the 6th nation in the CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress series, Lyrical Monasterio!

About Lyrical Monasterio



Lyrical Monasterio is a school city built atop the back of a gigantic whale that soars through the skies. It is the sixth nation of Planet Cray, and its independence is recognized by the five other nations.

During the deity-less era, “Bermuda Triangle” received teachings from Stoicheia the Sage, and was reborn as Lyrical Monasterio. During this time, it was said that a great mermaid had greatly contributed to the creation of the nation.

Lyrical Monasterio receives students aspiring to become idols from all over the world. As both a school and city, there are no restrictions placed upon race, gender or age!

This trial deck features the school life in Lyrical Monasterio with units from a myriad of origins (Mermaids, Angels, Ghosts, Warbeasts, and more)!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the cards!




Astesice, Mion

The first vanguard featured in this Trial Deck.

Isn’t she adorable!




Astesice, Nanami

Let’s get the show started with the lively Nanami and its abilities!

When placed as a vanguard, a grade 1 or less card can be called as a rested rear-guard from the drop! Choose the card to discard wisely before you ride this unit over the first vanguard!

Meanwhile, Nanami shines as a rear-guard too, as it can become a nifty 10k booster!




Astesice, Kiyora

As long as Kiyora is boosted, it will become a solid 15k attacker!

In addition, use its other ability wisely to return rested rear-guards to hand to prepare for subsequent combos, and less chances for allies to be targeted by your opponent!




Astesice, Kairi

The key grade 3 card and also the main visual of this trial deck, “Astesice, Kairi” takes the stage!

Long-standing fans, and especially those who play the Bermuda Triangle clan (in V Premium and Premium formats), will find the playstyle of bouncing units to and fro rather familiar!

After a wave of attacks from your rear-guards, activate Kairi’s abilities to return up to two rear-guards to your hand, and if you persona rode in that turn, you may call up to two rear-guards in different rows to score additional waves of attacks!

Live Tour

Worldwide Special Live Tour!

The majestic whale representative of Lyrical Monasterio is not to be missed! Together with the idols, let’s go on a special live tour!

When played, your vanguard obtains an additional ability till the end of turn, which grants all rear-guards a 5k power-up!

Set this up at the start of your turn and swing with more power!


Place the matching cards next to each other, and you’ll be able to form this gorgeous illustration! ♫

Cards featured below are in SP rarity!










In the meantime, don’t forget to check back a week later (from October 22nd) when Lyrical Booster Pack 01: Lyrical Melody is released! You will be able to obtain more nifty cards that support this deck, and also featuring various new Ride Lines!