Why do people travel thousands of miles to visit the Great Sphinx of Giza or the Statue of Liberty? For the same reason players love dragons: they inspire a primal feeling of awe.

Now your players can be inspired wherever they go! On March 27th, Dragon Shield will follow up on the success of their Dragons in Art series with the new series of card sleeves: Dragons in Landmarks. Featuring limited edition artwork and Dragon Shield’s signature quality, these eye-catching supplies are available to list for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.

Limited Edition Sleeves
Like all of Dragon Shield’s matte art sleeves, the Dragons in Landmarks sleeves boast high durability and a textured back for easy shuffling. The difference is in the artwork. Players will get to choose between three styles based on the Statue of Liberty, the Great Sphinx of Giza and the Empire State Building. Since the art by Richard Sashigane and Daniel Kamarudin is printed directly on the sleeve, it will not peel or split.

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