On the bus, the train or even while sitting on the back of a flying dragon, the NOMAD™ keeps players’ cards in the game and on the playmat. Coming the week of September 7th, this is the next-level accessory for the truly dedicated player.

Picnic Friendly

Use NOMAD™ to play outside even in windy conditions and when there's no game table around. Clear, strong and elastic pockets make sure cards don't leave the battlefield unintentionally.

Quick Save

Need to move on? It's easy for players to move the game and save it for later—cards and counters will stay on the playmat. The wide elastic band holds the folded NOMAD™ tight and keeps the deck in place.

Tough Protection

Measuring 365x245x22mm, the NOMAD™ has a cardboard/PU cover with Duchess satin cloth and polypropylene (acid and PVC-free!).

Featuring the same Tough as Scales quality that you have come to expect from Dragon Shield, this product is available in Black, Forest Green, and Midnight Blue.

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