Running a collectible gaming business is no easy feat. To help you meet your store’s unique goals, we provide our retailers with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will help you discover and navigate our tools. Team TCGplayer is always in your corner providing the support you need to streamline and grow your business.

Your Own Customer Success Manager

We provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager (or “CSM”) to every brick and mortar retailer. Your CSM is invested in understanding your business and helping you achieve your goals. Our team is your team, and you can contact your CSM whenever you have questions, comments or concerns. Haven’t met your CSM yet? You can always email us at so we can connect you.

Get Help and Give Feedback

Your Customer Success Manager is your guide to all of TCGplayer’s tools and services. In addition to answering your questions, your CSM will listen to your needs and suggest the best solutions. They’ll keep you informed about any new programs that could benefit your business. They’ll also relay your feedback about Pro tools to the TCGplayer Product Team so we can continue to improve those tools.

If you don’t have a Customer Success Manager yet and you’d like to get started with TCGplayer, complete our Start Selling form to find the right solutions for your business.