Here at TCGplayer, our goal is to provide sellers with the best marketplace to sell trading cards. When selling on TCGplayer, you can see what items are currently selling for, and make more informed decisions on how to price your inventory. As you work your way through the different seller levels, you are able to list more and more inventory. Once you hit Level 4, you have built your reputation, added more inventory, and then that task of keeping prices competitive gets a little more difficult. Once you have hundreds, or even thousands, of items listed, making sure that each price is at the desired price point can be a tedious task that is difficult to keep up with. At that point, it is time to become a Pro seller and take advantage of our MassPrice tool

MassPrice puts you in full control of your prices, with a fraction of the work and time that would be needed to price your cards individually. Once you have created your MassPrice rules, pricing becomes as easy as pushing a button. By removing the need to look at each card individually, you are freed up to focus on different aspects of your growing business. 

Building your MassPrice rules is broken down into four steps:

  1. Define Products
  2. Define Pricing
  3. Define Minimum
  4. Review/Preview

Defining your products lets you get as precise with your pricing as you would like. Each rule will focus on a specific product line. From there, you can choose which sets, printings, raries, conditions, or price points you want your rule to target. The larger your inventory, and the wider range of products that you stock, the more specific you will probably want your rules to be. 

When you define your prices, you are able to choose among different price points provided by TCGplayer, your current pricing, or an average of two price points. This lets you choose between pricing closer to the MarketPrice, or low prices on the marketplace. You are also able to adjust the price point you choose to your desire. This gives you full control over your pricing in relation to your competitors, making it so your items are priced to move, and you are making a profit.

When defining your minimum price, you’ll want to know the price point at which you stop making money on your cards. This is going to be different for every seller, but once you figure it out, you are able to prevent your prices from ever dropping below that point. You can even utilize our safeguard feature that will stop MassPrice from dropping your price by too large of a percentage. 

Once you’ve built your rule, you get the chance to preview it to make sure the changes that will be made are correct. Then you can set it on a schedule. This will automatically run your rule on the days and times that you want it to. This way, you don’t even have to go into MassPrice to run the rule, it gets done for you. 

Remember that you can also utilize MassPrice to keep your Buylist prices up to date as well. The only difference being that you will set a price maximum, not a minimum, with the same safeguard protection.

MassPrice is all about saving time and becoming a more efficient seller. Build your rules, schedule them, and then take all the time you’re not spending on pricing on acquiring and uploading more inventory to your TCGplayer account.

If you’re ready to power up your TCGplayer store and take advantage of MassPrice, reach out to us here and let us know. Once you’ve joined Pro and have started integrating these tools into your business, schedule a meeting with a Customer Success Manager to take your business even further.