Since the prerelease of Core Set 2020 this past weekend, the Magic community has already discovered a few misprints you’ll want to be aware of before listing cards from this set. We want to make the buying and selling process on TCGplayer as smooth and reliable as possible, so we’ve rounded up the most common misprints and proposed some solutions for listing cards with these errors.



The correct power/toughness for Corpse Knight is 2/2, but we’ve gotten reports of a number of 2/3 Corpse Knights in the prerelease. Wizards of the Coast has acknowledged the misprint. So far, we’ve found the error on non-foil cards in Prerelease Kits and Bundles in the United States, London, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and New Zealand, but more regions may be affected. Foils from Prerelease Kits and both foil and non-foil Corpse Knights from Core Set 2020 Booster Boxes appear to be unaffected and should reliably display a 2/2.

In order to accommodate players and stores looking to acquire and sell both versions of Corpse Knight, we’ve created two separate listings: Corpse Knight and Corpse Knight (2/3 Misprint). 




On accurate cards, the Wizards of the Coast authenticity stamp should appear at the bottom of cards as a silver, oval-shaped holo. Since this past weekend, however, we’ve heard reports that several cards in Core Set 2020 are partially or totally missing this holo.


If you have one of these affected cards, we suggest selling it via Listings with Photos so customers have the opportunity to see the misprint before they make a purchase.


Questions or concerns about these misprints? Contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to our team.