On March 6th, Bushiroad will release the new Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Booster 12: Team Dragon’s Vanity! This booster will feature cards used by the talented trio of cardfighters in the animation, consisting of Ruga Kaizu, Ryutarou Oyama and Yuichirou Kanzaki.

This booster will include units from the Aqua Force, Narukami and Shadow Paladin clans. Check out the featured key units from each clan below, and prepare for their arrival by listing Team Dragon’s Vanity! on the TCGplayer Marketplace.


Last Card, Revonn

Last Card, Revonn aims to be the last card standing.

You can rest one of your rear-guards to whittle down your opponent’s vanguard’s power by 5000. This also pressures your opponent to use up more resources when guarding for the entire turn.

Once you have completed multiple waves of attacks, go for the final swing with this unit with +15000 Power, drive +1, and Critical +1 if you have a grade 3 unit in soul.


Dragonic Vanquisher

Binding units has always been a signature move of the Narukami clan, but the new Dragonic Vanquisher takes binding units to a whole new level.

At the cost of a counter-blast, you can bind any rear-guard, and then a card from each player’s hand (if your soul has a grade 3) to get a sizzling +10000 Power to all of your front row units!

Bind your units wisely, as some supporting units from Team Dragon’s Vanity! allow you to return them to the field when bound from hand.


Claret Sword Dragon

Claret Sword Dragon’s on-place ability allows you to mill cards from your deck while obtaining a sweet +10000 Power for each grade 1 card put into your drop zone.

Once a total of seven grade 1 cards have been gathered, you get to bind them as cost for a re-stand! Force II gift markers go a long way with this unit, offering double critical that you can use twice in a single explosive turn.