Holiday sales are just around the corner, meaning it’s time for you to get your inventory ready! This year we’re running a 4-day TCGplayer Store Credit Promotion on the Marketplace from November 24 to November 27.

What Are Store Credit Promotions?
At TCGplayer, we are committed to boosting your sales. That’s why we run store credit promotions that reward shoppers for their purchases by giving them credit to buy even more from you in the future. These promotions increase customer traffic, with buyers who are often willing to spend more than usual. This holiday season, we’re expecting to see a lot of hobbyists coming to the marketplace to shop from you. 

How To Prepare For Store Credit Promotions: 
List your inventory! Even the products that have been sitting on the back of the shelf collecting dust. This is the most effective way to increase revenues and profits during a promotion: the more inventory available, the better the chance for sales. Ensure your inventory is live, up-to-date, and competitively priced. Check out Preparing For Store Credit Promotions: A Seller’s Guide for more information!

List Your Inventory