Get ready for a superhero landing, with Alpha Clash TCG! 

This brand new card game started out as a passion project over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the Alpha Clash team aimed to create a fast-paced TCG featuring battling super-powered heroes. After receiving massive support via community-backing, Alpha Clash TCG has now evolved into a streamlined gaming experience, with cards that brim with rich lore and intriguing characters.

Gameplay for Alpha Clash TCG revolves around the “Alpha” cards, each one representing a different super-powered character with unique play styles and affiliations with the game’s lore. Alpha cards are put into conflict with each other in “clashes” where damage is dealt and received, with the last Alpha with health remaining as the game winner. Players have the ability to build flexible decks based around specific Alphas, affiliations, and colors for unique gameplay strategies, and every card can be used as an “energy resource” for maximum efficiency in competitive play.

TCGplayer is excited to launch our support for Alpha Clash TCG! This initial launch includes the first ever released set for the game, Alpha Clash: The Awakening; this set focuses on the lore origins of the Alpha clashes in an Alternate Universe, where superhero Alphas are drawn together by “The Pull” to engage in battle.

Alpha Clash: The Awakening booster products and singles are now available to list on the TCGplayer Marketplace, along with the 2-Player Clash Kit (with 2 starter decks inside) and blister packs. 

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