TCGplayer Teams Up with Scryfall

We’re excited to announce that TCGplayer is teaming up with Scryfall—a fast, powerful and comprehensive Magic: The Gathering card database.

Over the past two years, Scryfall has become an amazing resource for the Magic community, providing a lightning-fast way to get comprehensive information on Magic cards. We’ve been amazed by the Scryfall team’s work and their commitment to the Magic community. We reached out to them with one question: How can we help?

After meeting with their team in our offices and playing a cube draft, we identified ways we could collaborate to help provide the Magic community with an even better experience.

What does this mean for players?

The Scryfall team now has the support and resources they need to focus on making Scryfall even more incredible. This partnership will allow their team to more quickly expand their database, enhance the user experience and launch new deck building, cube and drafting tools.

We will also be collaborating to make TCGplayer and Scryfall’s data consistent and more useful to the Magic community.

What if I have a paid Scryfall account?

You get to take advantage of all the same benefits you had with your paid account—for free!

What does this mean for developers?

You will still be able to access Scryfall’s public APIs like you do today. In time you’ll also have access to even more APIs as the Scryfall team expands their platform and services.

Where can I get more details?

Visit the Scryfall blog for more info on what this means for the Magic community.

See Scryfall's announcement

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