TCGplayer Designates Election Day 2020 and Martin Luther King Jr. Day as Paid Company Holidays

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – TCGplayer, the leading online technology platform for the collectibles industry, announced that it is joining with other prominent companies in making Election Day 2020, November 3rd, a paid company holiday. In addition, beginning in 2021, TCGplayer is making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a paid company holiday.

TCGplayer believes strongly that every voice matters and that all citizens, regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic status, should have the same opportunity to exercise their right to vote. The company is encouraging employees to use the paid time off for Election Day to vote and to volunteer to help others to have the opportunity to vote. Given the nationwide poll worker shortage, we have collaborated with “Power the Polls” and other initiatives to help others in our community vote and have their voices heard.

“Work shouldn’t be an obstacle to voting, and we are encouraging other companies to join with TCGplayer in making Election Day a paid holiday,” said Chedy Hampson, CEO of TCGplayer. “As a country, we’ve made it a burden for people to easily vote, especially those who have been marginalized by society and already had their voices diminished. We  must eliminate these hardships and make it easy for people to participate in our democracy by making Election Day a Federal holiday.” 

Additionally, to recognize the diversity of our country and our team at TCGplayer, MLK Day will now be a paid company holiday. It is our intention to facilitate educational programs, activities and events on MLK Day and during Black history month geared towards increasing awareness and understanding of Dr. King’s legacy and the current state of race in the United States.”

Hampson added, “Typically, Our fulfillment center operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to provide support to Local Gaming Stores around the country. And historically, we have been fully operational on both Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Election Day.  However, we are adjusting our team members’ schedules to enable as many team members as possible to participate in Election Day activities and the MLK Day celebration. We will maintain a limited staff in critical functions on both days to ensure uninterrupted services to our customers. Employees who volunteer to work on Election Day will receive overtime pay, consistent with other holidays.” 

TCGplayer employs more than 240 employees across the United States, with a majority located at the company’s headquarters in Syracuse, New York. 

“We recognize that not every company, including many of the Local Gaming Stores that rely on, can offer Election Day and MLK Day as paid holidays, so we’re committed to instituting this change with minimal disruption to our customers.” continued Hampson. “We want to lead by example and hope that our decision will help inspire other local companies.”