TCGplayer Acquires ScryGlass App

We’re excited to announce that TCGplayer has acquired the ScryGlass app, which allows you to use your iPhone or Android device to scan, identify and price cards. In addition, its developers, Clint Herron and Pete Vasiliauskas, are joining our technology team where they’ll work to expand the app’s capabilities using all the tools available to TCGplayer.

Over the past year, ScryGlass became a fan-favorite mobile app for Magic: The Gathering card scanning. We were amazed by Clint and Pete’s app and their commitment to the Magic community. When we reached out to see how to collaborate on expanding the app to cover all trading card games, incredible ideas emerged on how we could join forces to go beyond supporting the player community and make a tool that is fantastic for local game stores.

What does this mean for players?

Clint and Pete are now working as part of a team at TCGplayer, which is focused on a next-generation app that will put the power of TCGplayer in your pocket and support every product sold on our Marketplace. If you like ScryGlass, you’ll be excited to see it expanded to include hundreds of local game stores’ Buylists. You will also be able to search or scan a card to find the latest prices and related products, decks or articles. 

What does this mean for local game stores?

As part of the TCGplayer team, Clint and Pete will also be working on extending new features for TCGplayer Pro stores to include location services and in-store event notifications for their customers. Additionally, we will be providing upcoming APIs to help further connect local game stores and their player communities in incredible ways.

What does this mean for developers?

Clint and Pete will accelerate our API development work, helping us make it available to the wider developer community even sooner. They have been pillars of this community and will help us revamp our affiliate program in a way that empowers developers to create amazing applications. Eventually, any feature you see within the TCGplayer App will be available for you to build into your own app or website.

What does this mean if I’m a current ScryGlass app user?

TCGplayer is committed to maintaining and supporting ScryGlass until the official TCGplayer App is released in the coming months. As we approach the launch, we’ll provide details about how you can transition to the TCGplayer App. We’ll also provide exclusive promotions to all ScryGlass users to thank you for your incredible support of Clint and Pete’s efforts.

We’re incredibly excited about Clint and Pete joining TCGplayer and hope you are as well. Look for announcements about the new TCGplayer App in the months to come.