Magic: The Gathering Influencer Dan Bock Brings More than $20 Million of Exclusive Inventory to the TCGplayer Marketplace

SYRACUSE, N.Y., March 29, 2021TCGplayer, the leading online technology platform for the collectibles industry, today announced an exclusive partnership with PowerNine Company owner and Magic: The Gathering (MTG) influencer Dan Bock. As a part of this partnership, Bock will bring more than $20 million of MTG inventory to the TCGplayer marketplace through the Direct by TCGplayer program, including rare cards from MTG’s earliest years, and sealed product from some of MTG’s rarest expansion sets.  

Bock boasts an impressive Magic: The Gathering catalog and famously owns more Power Nine cards — including Black Lotus cards — than any individual or company in the world. He started selling MTG cards on eBay 23 years ago through PowerNine, quickly becoming one of the largest sellers on the platform. At one point, Bock even held the title of largest MTG seller on eBay. He is an avid collector and trader who began playing MTG almost 30 years ago. In addition to moving his entire online inventory to the TCGplayer marketplace, Bock has relocated to Syracuse, NY, where he will advise on seller experience initiatives at TCGplayer

“Our partnership with Dan represents an important milestone in TCGplayer’s aggressive roadmap for 2021, which centers on prioritizing the development of innovative services that empower local gaming stores and enhances our ability to serve them,” said Chedy Hampson, Founder and CEO of TCGplayer. “Dan has unmatched seller experience and authentication expertise and brings to TCGplayer a unique customer-first mindset. His impressive collection of Magic: The Gathering products builds on the positive momentum we’re seeing in our Direct by TCGplayer program, and will add to the marketplace an incredible amount of PowerNine cards, Dual Lands from every set printed, and collector and tournament staples. I am confident that Dan’s contributions to TCGplayer will be critical in driving our growth strategy.”

“In my nearly three decades of collecting, I’ve seen firsthand how Chedy and TCGplayer have revolutionized the collectibles industry, focusing intensely on both the buyer and seller experiences,” said Bock. “Every time there has been a paradigm shift or change in our industry, TCGplayer has adapted, innovated and remained at the forefront of the industry, leaving other companies in the dust. My outlook on the industry is very optimistic and I look forward to sculpting its future alongside the thought leaders at TCGplayer who can turn seller ideas into reality.”

In connection with today’s announcement, Bock will join the Company in an advisory capacity, focused on enhancing the TCGplayer seller experience. Bock will assist TCGplayer on an ongoing basis, advising on topics including the Company’s go-to-market strategy, simplifying and personalizing the marketplace and its efforts to develop services geared at local gaming stores. 

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