Introducing TCGplayer POS Plug-In: Technology that Enhances Your Existing POS

SYRACUSE, N.Y., February 12, 2021 TCGplayer, the leading online technology platform for the collectibles industry, today announced the beta launch of TCGplayer’s POS Plug-In, an easy-to-use, cloud-based tool that integrates customer Point of Sale (POS) systems and TCGplayer offerings to optimize inventory management and streamline customer operations. TCGplayer has chosen Square Inc. and Shopify Inc. as launch partners for the service offering, which will be available for select local gaming stores starting next month, with a broader launch expected later this year. The tool is designed to work with every POS system available for local gaming stores.

“Having spent a decade managing local gaming stores myself, I founded TCGplayer with the goal of developing a technology platform that could empower small businesses to simplify operations so they could focus on what really matters – their customers,” said Chedy Hampson, Founder and CEO of TCGplayer. "I also know first-hand how limiting technology options can be for store owners who are consistently locked into bad technology services with a single vendor. This is why we designed our new plug-in to work across POS systems, giving store owners the flexibility to choose any POS partner while delivering the power of TCGplayer’s data and technology through one simple platform."

Power Up with Pro Seller by TCGplayer

The TCGplayer POS plug-in is a free-to-use tool that is compatible with TCGplayer’s existing suite of Pro Seller offerings. As a complete platform, TCGplayer’s POS plug-in allows local gaming stores to:

  • Enhance existing POS systems. TCGplayer’s POS plug-in tool doesn’t replace your existing POS. Instead, it allows you to add an online storefront and in-store kiosks to your POS of choice so your customers can safely shop your entire inventory, get personalized recommendations for purchases, and view your Buylist.
  • Streamline your in-store shopping experience. Providing unlimited access to in-store kiosks, collectible card image scanning software, and channels for in-store and marketplace inventory management and pricing.
  • Maximize margins with scheduled pricing updates. Based on TCGplayer’s industry-leading price data, sellers have access to searchable databases that save time for in-store staff and customers – no more flipping through binders or checking boxes for inventory.
  • Automate manual inventory management tasks. With TCGplayer’s new POS Plug-In, your inventory will automatically update as your customers complete each checkout, ensuring your catalog is always up to date. The best part is, if you decide you want to try out or move to a new POS system, your catalog and inventory data seamlessly move with you. There’s no lock in!

Hampson continued: “In 2020, we facilitated more than 12 million orders on behalf of 2,500 local gaming stores. Our roadmap for 2021 continues to prioritize the development of innovative services that empower these important small businesses and enhances our ability to serve them. As the year continues, we plan to take the same customer-focused approach that has established TCGplayer as the leading marketplace for collectible card games and expand our offerings into new verticals that support our local gaming store partners.” 

Learn more about how to participate in the TCGplayer POS Plug-In beta tests by emailing // by visiting and read more about the announcement in ICv2.

About TCGplayer

TCGplayer is the leading online technology platform for the collectibles industry.  Founded as a digital media platform within the collectible hobby space, the Company has grown from its initial roots working inside Syracuse-based hobby stores selling comic books, sports cards, CDs, collectible cards, action figures, and tabletop games into an expansive eCommerce marketplace. TCGplayer develops applications and technologies that are revolutionizing the collectibles marketplace by connecting thousands of hobby and collectibles businesses with customers around the globe. The Company’s ecommerce and data management tools power sales through physical stores, websites, mobile apps and the TCGplayer Marketplace.