The TCGplayer Pro Advantage

TCGplayer Pro offers exclusive features designed specifically for professional sellers and retailers.

Your Own Online Store

In less than 30 minutes, create a website that represents your unique store, so you can build relationships with your customers and generate more repeat business.

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Card Scanning Software

Quickly update your inventory using our revolutionary new software. Now all of your employees can be pricing experts for all the top games.

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TCGplayer Apps

Starting with pricing apps, TCGplayer Apps will help you automate and customize the way you run your business to maximize your sales.

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Seller Safeguards

TCGplayer protects you against credit card scams and lost packages with built-in security features and 100% fraud protection.

Migrating Is Easy!

If you're a Sync Seller, we make it easy to switch over to TCGplayer Pro.

Switch with a Click of a Button

Our customer service team can instantly move over all of your synced inventory.

Your Store History Stays the Same

Keep your established store name, feedback, order history and any programs you currently participate in.

You don't pay a cent until you make a sale.

With no setup or listing fees, it's easy to sell your collectibles on 

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