Scan in Your Inventory

Using powerful image recognition, our Card Scanning Software lets you update your inventory simply by scanning cards.

Easily Update Prices

From CSV spreadsheets to custom apps, we provide tools that simplify this daily task for you and your employees.

Everything in One Place

Centralize inventory management for your Online Store, your physical store and the TCGplayer Marketplace.

Card Scanning Software Features

Take advantage of TCGplayer's technology to maximize your sales while giving your employees the tools they need to deliver a great customer experience.

Free Card Scanning Software

Easily scan cards from Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Cardfight!! Vanguard and many other popular games to add them to your inventory, then set your prices using real-time Marketplace data.


All Your Products Synced

The Card Scanning Software works across all of the product lines on to help you keep track of inventory in your Online Store, your physical store and the TCGplayer Marketplace in a single location.

Unlimited Installs

You can install the Card Scanning Software on all of your computers, so all of your employees can use it simultaneously. That way, your entire store can become experts at the top card games.

Multiple Update Options

Add new cards to your inventory, remove cards from your TCGplayer Buylist, update your prices–even check out customers in store–all using the Card Scanning Software.

Inventory Management

Card Scanning Software Quick Start Guide

Set up your software and scanning station, so you can get started.

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Inventory Management Quick Start Guide

Learn about the many methods you can use to update your inventory.

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Card Scanning Software Help Center

These in-depth articles guide you through the different ways you can use the software.

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