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Pricing Apps Are Here!

The first TCGplayer Pro Apps are available now to help you speed up your workday.


Created by EchoMTG, this app automatically updates your TCGplayer store listings based on running market prices. This means once you list a card, you never have to worry about adjusting the price down to get sales or up to maximize profits! Fully integrated with TCGplayer, all you need is a Pro store account and you can be running in 10 minutes.

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TCGplayer MassPrice

This new tool will allow you to set your own pricing rules for your inventory, helping you save time and update prices faster than ever. You simply group your products, define your rules and mass price your inventory. Plus, save frequently used rules to easily apply them later. Future updates will allow you to share your rules, get feedback and trade tips with other sellers!

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You don't pay a cent until you make a sale.

With no setup or listing fees, it's easy to sell your collectibles on 

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