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Direct is the most efficient way to sell Magic: The Gathering cards to your customers. You sell your cards–we'll ship them out.

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When you make a sale with Direct, we send out cards on your behalf using our inventory and provide 100% coverage for lost packages, condition disputes and more.

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Instead of shipping packages to customers one by one, simply send all the cards you sell to us in a single package.

Increase Your Sales

Sellers typically see their sales double on the TCGplayer Marketplace when they join TCGplayer Direct.

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Sell cards to players in other countries for the same amazing shipping rate with TCGplayer Direct International.

Our volume of sales has increased by 500%.

D20 Hobbies

I can ship out 171 orders in one box with TCGplayer Direct.

Kate Skelly

Being a Direct seller has massively increased my sales.

Lindsay Kehishian

TCGplayer actually listens to their customers.

Tommy Wetjen, Gamers N’ Geeks

Choosing Pro was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Melissa Showalter, Davis Cards and Games

The TCGplayer Direct Advantage

TCGplayer Direct makes selling cards online easier than ever.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

We handle all customer service issues and provide 100% coverage for lost packages and condition disputes.

Be the First Seller People See

When you join Direct, you have a chance of showing up in the TCGplayer Direct Spotlight, which will help boost your business.

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Enjoy an exclusive discount on TCGplayer Prize Wall Kits, so you can drive even more traffic to your tournaments.

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