Yu-Gi-Oh! buylist quantities and prices are now live and synced with your TCGplayer Pro tools. Starting today, you can expand your Showcase and Pro website buylist with Yu-Gi-Oh! and grow your inventory at affordable prices for your business.

TCGplayer Pro lets you easily share your buylist with customers in-store and online to replenish your inventory and keep offering players the products they want. Now, if you’re in Pro, you can add Yu-Gi-Oh! to your buylist, streamlining acquisition of Yu-Gi-Oh! inventory and engaging customers on an expanded platform. Tools like MassPrice are also available, letting you update your Yu-Gi-Oh! Buylist prices instantly as the market changes.

Keep in mind that your Yu-Gi-Oh! Buylist will only appear on your Pro Showcase and website, not in the TCGplayer Marketplace as part of the TCGplayer Direct Buylist.

We’re excited to expand our buylist options into Yu-Gi-Oh! and are looking forward to giving more players access to the cards they need with Pokémon buylist capability in just a few weeks.

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