Pricing is one of the most important parts of running a successful business, but finding the sweet spot between too much and not enough can be challenging. To help you easily and precisely price your inventory, TCGplayer offers a few different tools. 

One of the most robust ways to price is by using the CSV export and import features.

When should you use CSV pricing?

  • When editing prices only for a specific segment of your inventory.
  • When updating both prices and quantities.
  • When automating a complex price formula.


Targeted Pricing Strategies

Sometimes, certain items need more attention than others. You can easily export part of your inventory through the ‘Export Filtered CSV’ button in the pricing tab. This will allow you to create inventory lists by rarity, set, language, product line, and other characteristics, so that you can use a custom pricing strategy for each segment of your inventory.

Updating Prices and Quantities

If you need to update prices and quantities at the same time, consider using a CSV import. You’ll be able to edit price, and make quantity changes (including reserve quantity changes) by entering a value in the “Add to Quantity” column – enter positive numbers to add, and negative numbers to subtract.

Complex Pricing

CSV import is also a very powerful tool for creating complex pricing formulas. Your CSV export can be opened in any spreadsheet program such as Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers, or even Google Sheets. Once opened as a spreadsheet, you can use any of the formula functions available in these programs to update your prices based on any of the columns available in the export. Market Price, Low, Direct Low, Quantity, Set, Rarity are all available for you to design pricing formulas around. After you’ve entered your formulas and checked over the results, just save the file as a CSV and import it back into TCGplayer to set your prices.

Get Started With CSV Pricing

If CSV Pricing seems right for you, our help file will get you up and running. If you’d like to speak with a Customer Success Manager about pricing methods and strategies, you can schedule an appointment here.