On March 27th, the fifth installment of long-running manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will join the Weiss Schwarz stage with the release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Trial Deck+ and Booster Packs. This set features the protagonist, Giono Giovanna as well as his allies, Bruno Bucciarati and his gang.

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Restless Pursuer, N.C

With its CONT ability, this card gets a boost of +1000 in power for each marker underneath it, which are earned for each opponent character it defeats in battle. By paying a cost, you can choose to let it remain on the field even after it is defeated in battle, paving the way for it to take on other opponents and heightening the chances of becoming stronger as the game progresses.

Determination to Uncover Truth, M.J

This card’s Brainstorm ability allows you to recall a Level 0 character card from the waiting room the the stage, helping you easily maintain field presence. On top of that, you can also recall the climax Under the Falling Sky from the climax area and return it to your hand whenever your opponent levels up.



Destructive Tempest, L.B

With its climax combo, you can select one of your opponent’s characters on the stage and reduce its power up to a whopping -5000, depending on the number of Golden Wind characters you have on the field.