On November 20th, the long-awaited English Original title, Adventure Time finally makes its way to the Weiss Schwarz stage, with the release of a Trial Deck+, Booster Pack and Supply Set! This set features our favorite heroes from the Land of Ooo, Finn and Jake, alongside other well-known characters such as Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, BMO and more.

Check out the strong combos and handy cards that can be found in this set!

Marceline the Vampire Queen (AT/WX02-E042); My Best Friends In The World (AT/WX02-E071)

Being one of the more popular characters in Adventure Time, Marceline has a strong 3/2 CX combo with her character card, Marceline the Vampire Queen and her climax card, My Best Friends In The World! 

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Apart from receiving a hefty boost of +3000 power and 1 heal from her first two abilities, Marceline is a powerful game-finisher as well!

Shuffle up to 2 character cards back to your opponent’s deck, and Marceline gains an additional +1500 power to make it easier in taking down your opponent’s character! Finally, she finishes off by dealing 3 additional damage when her battle opponent gets defeated in battle!

Gunter (AT/WX02-E084)

As the loyal evil sidekick of Ice King, this Gunter character card is a handy addition to any event-centric decks.


With his first ability, you can add any level 1 or higher card to your hand from the top of your deck, making it a versatile companion, even in middle to late game.

Gunter is also a slippery fellow who can escape from battles he cannot win, or jump into the ones he can with his second ability.

Jake: Mocking Imitation (AT/WX02-E005); Escape from Ice Kingdom (AT/WX02-E039)

 An Adventure Time set would not be complete if our favorite heroes do not have strong cards of their own! For instance, Jake has a strong 1/0 CX combo with his character card, Jake: Mocking Imitation and his climax card, Escape from Ice Kingdom.

Jake: Mocking Imitation
Escape from Ice Kingdom

On his own, Jake gets up to a neat boost of +2000 power, by the effect of his first AUTO ability.  Add in the +1000 boost from his CX combo, and he will reach a whopping 7500 power!

When his Experience ability is activated, Jake also sets you up for future turns with his nifty retrieval ability! It is also worth mentioning that the climax for this combo has the new Choice trigger icon, which gives players the option between increasing their hand size or stock when revealed as a trigger!