On February 28th, the long-running anime series Sword Art Online will return to the Weiss Schwarz English lineup with Sword Art Online -Alicization-. The Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack of this set feature the protagonist, Kirito, as well as Eugeo and Alice from the new arc.

Check out these cards that add synergy to existing decks from previous releases, and list Sword Art Online -Alicization- sealed products for presale on the TCGplayer marketplace.

"If You Want My Answer" Asuna

Besides being able to reach a respectable 12000 power on its own, if you have a full field of Avatar or Net characters, this card gives you an added chance of dealing damage to your opponent if they cancel its attack.

Information About the Virtual World, Asuna

This card’s abilities are completely one-sided. Its first ability can deny your opponent’s Encore and other key abilities, while its own Encore lets you reuse that ability over and over.

Information About the Virtual World, Leafa

This card’s Auto and Act abilities synergize to offer a total of +2500 power on demand, making this character an extremely dangerous Level 1 beater.


New Trait: Fluctlight


Sword Art Online -Alicization- also introduces a new trait called Fluctlight that players can build their decks around.

Fluctlight cards like "With Pride" Cardinal, "Pontifex of the Axiom Church" Administrator and "Power of Meaning" Kirito get stronger the more Fluctlight characters you have.