Although things are changing rapidly all over the country in response to COVID-19, the USPS is still currently functioning and continues to advise that they have experienced minimal impact in response to these changes. 

There are still some offices that have been affected by issues unrelated to COVID-19, like weather and fires, and the USPS provides information on those specific offices at this link.  

You can check the status of your local offices by referring to this interactive map, just type in the address/zip code of the area that you are interested in finding more information about.

Should you find yourself unable to ship out orders at normal speeds due to staffing or transportation issues caused by circumstances where you live, we suggest that you place your inventory on a temporary hold. This way you will not receive new orders while you are unable to ship. This help file walks you through how to deactivate your inventory - Updating your inventory status.

For any outstanding orders you currently have that may be impacted, we recommend messaging your buyers to let them know of your situation, and ask them if they would prefer to wait for you to ship their order when you are able to reach a post office. We have found that many customers are very understanding once they are notified of the hardships that sellers are currently experiencing. This proactive method will likely prevent any negative feedback as you are working with them to resolve their order.

That said, if you do receive any negative feedback as a result of issues stemming from COVID-19 and its effects on your community or are experiencing any other issues, please send our Customer Service team a message via our form here for further help.

USPS Service Alert