Due to the dangerously cold temperatures, the USPS is suspending deliveries in certain areas of the Midwest.

If you’re a seller on our platform, we recommend placing your inventory on a temporary hold if you’re unable to ship your orders.

For any outstanding orders you currently have, we recommend messaging the buyers and letting them know the situation. Some buyers may not be able to wait so please honor any cancellation requests.

We’ve found that many customers are understanding once they’re notified of the hardship affected sellers are experiencing. By proactively reaching out to buyers and working with them to resolve, you’re likely to prevent any negative feedback.

If you do receive any negative feedback due to this USPS outage, please let us know the order numbers and we’ll gladly block it for you. If you issue any full refunds to customers requesting order cancellations, please supply us with the order numbers and we’ll gladly credit your account for any applicable fees.

If you have any questions, submit a request to our team. We’re always happy to help!

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