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Direct is our original fulfillment program where you set your prices and list your cards. 

Full Customer Service on Every Direct Order

Significantly decrease your time spent handling customer inquiries. We handle 100% of your customer service needs on Direct orders. Disputes? Shipping issues? They’re on us, and your reputation score will continue to rise as we fulfill your orders and keep your buyers happy so you can make every sale count.

Trust our expert team to take care of your cards, protect your shipments and send your customers exactly what they’re looking for within 24 hours. All guaranteed by our Buyer Safeguard and all orders supported by TCGplayer Customer Service.

Buyers Prefer Direct

Join Direct now and you’ll likely see your sales increase by 300% or more. With a dedicated fulfillment team, quick customer support and fast shipping in fewer packages, TCGplayer Direct offers your buyers a premium online-ordering experience, so it’s no surprise that customers prefer to buy Direct. 

As a Direct seller, you’ll appear at the top of Marketplace results pages, spotlighting your products and getting more views, and more sales.

24/7 Shipping All Season Long
Cut your shipping costs by outsourcing them to us and our fully stocked fulfillment center, open 24/7 to keep your products moving even through the busiest mailing periods of the year. When sales come in high volumes, you need extra resources to ship your products on time. We’ll take care of pulling from inventory, packaging and getting your cards out in the mail on time and safely to their destination. 

We created a one minute video to help you decide if Direct by TCGplayer is the right program for you!

Direct by TCGplayer

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