This Friday, June 22nd is the release of Unite! Team Q4 from Cardfight!! Vanguard. With the launch of this set, there will be two Fight Formats: Standard and Premium Standard.

Standard is the new format where only cards from the V series can be used. This includes cards from Unite! Team Q4, V Promo Cards and the Aichi Sendou and Toshiki Kai trial decks. Future sets will also be Standard legal once they launch.

Premium Standard allows players to use any cards printed so far. However, Deck Regulations and Premium Standard Card Restrictions still apply.

G Standard will be discontinued October 2018.

Unite! Team Q4 includes 84 new cards, and two cards in each pack will be R or above. There are also new rarities, including SVR (Special Vanguard Rare), IMR (Image Ride Rare) and OR (Origin Rare).

Rarities include:

  • VR (Vanguard Rare) and SVR (Special Vanguard Rare) - one in each display box (SVR has hot-stamp)
  • IMR (Image Ride Rare) - exclusive illustration by Akira Ito showing Aichi Sendou in the form of Blaster Blade
  • SCR (Secret Rare) - Gift Markers (Character Illustration) with hot-stamp signatures of the Japanese voice cast
  • OR (Origin Rare) - cards from past releases featuring new abilities and new frame

Add your presales now to prepare! Keep in mind that the V Promo Cards and Gift Markers are listed separately from Unite! Team Q4. If you’re in Pro and selling this new set, add these homepage banners to your Online Store to remind customers it’s time to perfect their decks.


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