Did you know listings with photos are 3x more likely to sell on TCGplayer.com compared to standard listings? When customers can see the actual products they’re adding to their cart, they’re more confident buying your rare and high-value collectibles. You can use listings with photos to sell any product line currently available on TCGplayer.com. Here are the types of listings that are currently getting the most sales.


While standard listings need to fit within our condition guide, listings with photos give you the freedom to sell graded cards. Beckett (BGS) and PSA graded products with a grade of 9 or higher have been the most popular. Make sure to include grading information and any relevant keywords in your custom title to catch the attention of collectors. Including specific grades for centering, edges, corners and surface will help your listing stand out.


Many of our top-selling listings with photos are Magic: The Gathering cards signed by the artist. Some of the most popular signed cards have been autographed by iconic artists like Christopher Rush. A signature from the right person can make an already rare collectible even more unique and increase the value. Remember to add the name of the person who signed the card to your custom title and/or description when adding your listing with photo. Plus, include any other relevant info like JSA authentication.


TCGs are popular across the globe, so it’s not surprising that in the past week alone, sellers on TCGplayer.com have sold hundreds of non-English cards. Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon are currently two of the most popular product lines for non-English cards. Players have been purchasing cards in a wide range of languages, including German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.


Booster boxes, structure decks and other sealed products are extremely popular as listings with photos, whether they’re from newer sets or more nostalgic ones. Some of the best-selling sealed products have been from Magic: The Gathering, Dragon Ball Super and Yu-Gi-Oh!


Have products like these in your inventory? Add them as listings with photos! Plus, with a $50 commission cap on each item you sell on TCGplayer.com, you can make an even better profit selling high-value items.

Visit our help center for step-by-step guidance on adding and editing your listings with photos. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or submit a request.