Dear seller community,

We made some temporary changes surrounding our Presale Policy back in March as our world changed rapidly in response to fighting COVID-19. While everything continues to evolve, we want to remind you of the modifications still in place regarding presale dates and distributors.

  • Buyers will still be able to cancel orders if they want, just as our policy currently allows.
  • If you do experience a delay in receiving your product from your distributor, please message each affected buyer to notify them of the delay. You will want to ask them if they would like you to ship the order once the product arrives or prefer a full refund. In our experience, many buyers are empathetic and understanding once they are notified of any issues a seller is experiencing due situations like COVID-19 or natural disasters.
  • We will not penalize you if you experience delays from the USPS or need to cancel orders for undelivered product from your distributor.
  • We will remove any negative feedback that may result from you having to cancel an order or if an order is delayed because you are waiting for your presale product. Contact our customer service team here with the impacted order number(s) and they will block this feedback for you right away.
  • Lastly, if you experience any issues while working with your customers, or if any are having difficulty understanding the reason for your delays/cancellation please notify them to contact our customer service team here for further assistance.

For more information on release related changes, please check out WoTC’s production updates announcement.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team if you need any further help.

Team TCGplayer