Dear Sellers,

As we all move through the weeks of isolation from in-person community, we hope that you and your closest community, the folks you see daily, are safe and well. The team at TCGplayer has been working on some important seller-focused improvements recently, and we hope that these are meaningful to you. We have heard requests for these particular changes for some time, and are glad to be able to make these updates.

We have also been talking with our industry partners at the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA), and would like to point toward some resources that they have put together with a focus on helping retailers.

First, we would like to point toward the recently launched
retailer locator. This locator will allow you to show customers if you are offering online sales through TCGplayer, or if you are offering curbside services, for example. We assembled some instructions for how to ensure that customers are able to find your TCGplayer Seller account through this locator. Please consider adding your retail store details to the locator!

GAMA has collated a list of Retailer Promotions from our industry, and they are keeping this list updated frequently.

Here’s an overview of additional GAMA information & member services that you might find beneficial:

We are happy to have partners that we can help, and who are helping us in this challenging time of our lives. We wish you all the best of safety, health, and profitability, and good partnership. Thanks for being an important member of our team!

Chedy Hampson
CEO -- TCGplayer