The company that produces the cabinets that TCGplayer uses in our Fulfillment Center has agreed to negotiate a discounted price for TCGplayer and for our partners who purchase their hardware.

In this post, we are going to share with you how the Fulfillment Center uses these great cabinets. 

Our cabinets are stocked from left to right, top to bottom. We split the inventory by condition and then it is broken down by sets. We place a plastic stand on top of each with a number to help identify which conditions are in cabinets. We pair this with a reference sheet. Each set is sorted alphabetically. The top drawer is used for supplies and the bottom is used for overstock. We adhere a magnet on each drawer to help identify the sets inside them. The largest cabinets are used first and then move to the smallest. The largest cabinets house the inventory moved first.

Inside each cabinet we use 4k boxes side by side, 3 in the large cabinets and 2 in the small. We use BCW dividers to separate the cards and BCW boxes to separate the sets inside each box. We insert foam pieces to stop the cards from sliding around as the drawers are opened and closed.

One employee will work a cabinet at a time. The cabinets have a counter weight but we highly recommend only having one drawer open at a time. Due to the size of the cabinets, there is plenty of space to set them side by side which provides plenty of space to work. Our employees work at different times to file new cards and pull orders. This prevents them from being on top of each other.

How will we order together?
TCGplayer will collect information from interested sellers who want to order cabinets, and the pricing will flex downward, so long as we are ordering more than 12 units in any given month. If we see enough interest (upwards of 200 units in a month), then the price could be as low as $1300 per unit!

Here is what we expect to see, based on predicted volume discounts:
12 Units: $1,650 Per Unit

13-29 Units: $1,600 Per Unit

30-49 Units: $1,500 Per Unit

50-99 Units: $1,400 Per Unit

100-199 Units: $1,350 Per Unit

200 & Above Units: $1,300 Per Unit

Plus additional $54.19 delivery fee, if less than 12 units are ordered per location.

These cabinets are extremely durable. We have not decommissioned a single unit. If you are interested in purchasing these cabinets with us please fill out this form.

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