When you join the TCGplayer Direct fulfillment program, we ship out Magic: The Gathering cards on your behalf to save you time and money. We then send you a Reimbursement Invoice (RI) that lists all the Magic cards we shipped out on your behalf so you can send those cards back to us. This keeps a steady flow of cards in our inventory so we have plenty in-stock when customers need them.

Wait Until You Receive the Reimbursement Invoice

Direct allows you to send the ordered cards to us in a single package rather than having to send out individual orders to customers. Instead of shipping individual Direct orders to us, wait until you receive your Reimbursement Invoice and send us all the cards on that list in one package.

If you use the TCGplayer Buylist tool, keep in mind that you may receive auto RIs when your Buylist withholdings are used to fulfill RIs. They have “DoNotShip” on the address associated with them. Make sure you don’t ship those cards to us.

Not sure which orders are Direct? An easy way to tell a Direct order from a standard order is that it will have a Direct symbol next to it in the Orders tab.

Keep Your Cards in Order & Include the RI Packing Slip

When you ship your RIs to us, make sure to include a copy of the RI packing slip and keep the cards in the exact order they appear on the RI packing slip. In the event that your package is lost or damaged in the mail, having the packing slip enclosed can lead to quicker recovery if found by the carrier service (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)

Don’t Sleeve the Cards (Unless They’re Worth $25+)

In order for us to accurately assess card condition, it’s important that we look at cards without sleeves when processing your RIs. Removing cards from sleeves slows down our team, so please make sure to take the sleeves off your cards before shipping them to us. If you’re sending a card that’s worth $25 or more, you may sleeve it to ensure its safety during transit. Feel free to put the cards into team bags (with 20-30 cards in each bag) to prevent surface scratching from shifting movement and allow for combined strength.

Package Cards Safely

It’s important that we receive the cards in your RI in the same condition as when you placed them in the mail. It’s best to use Priority Flat Rate envelopes and boxes, making sure to tape the sides so they stay closed during transit. Read this article about shipping RIs to learn more about packaging your RIs safely and affordably.

Ship RIs On Time & Include Tracking

Ship your RIs within 24 hours of receiving an invoice. Also, make sure to include the tracking number. RIs are generated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Keep in mind that even if you turn your store off, you’ll still receive RIs for any in-progress and fulfilled orders. You’ll also still receive RIs on holidays and will still receive automated messages, but we understand that not all stores operate on holidays and will take that into account.

Your payments depend on us receiving and processing your RIs, so the quicker we receive them, the better for everyone! Please review our Seller Shipping Guidelines for more info.

If you have any questions about your Reimbursement Invoices or the TCGplayer Direct program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!