Did you know?

If you prefer to keep your cards local, or have been putting off shipping cards, our touchless option might be for you. We have a successful Store Your Products (SYP) account model that relies solely on Buylist for Magic: the Gathering inventory replenishment. Open a SYP account and keep your sales rolling by channeling SYP earnings right back into your Buylist withholdings. The more you sell, the more you can buy! 

Your local cards can stay local, and you can maintain a passive income from an account where you never deal with buyer issues or claims - just move cards from buy to sell by setting smart prices, and then get paid.

  • A SYP account can be opened with:
    • 500 approved cards you ship to our fulfillment center. 
    • A one-time “seed” of approved Magic: The Gathering cards that are at our fulfillment center from your previously established Buylist. 
    • A mix of both!
  • You can keep your SYP account thriving by using Buylist for some, or all, of your Magic: the Gathering SYP account replenishment. It’s continuous and touchless!

Using the SYP + Buylist model, as you virtually move your cards from buy to sell, the inventory physically comes and goes through our fulfillment center as Buylist orders are received, and your orders are fulfilled. To make it easy, we provide a Magic: The Gathering Pull Sheet that is formatted for your Buylist portal, consisting of fast moving cards recommended for SYP. Our team of experts accepts only the cards you want at your purchase price, and then lists those cards directly to your SYP account for you to set the sell prices.

How Does it Work?

  1. Assign buying power. This means loading funds into your account.
  2. Set your Buylist pricing
  3. Set your selling prices.
  4. Get paid!

Keep prices fresh! 

For Buylist cards, once they are received and processed at the TCGplayer fulfillment center, if you have a "Marketplace Price" set in the Pricing tab, cards are automatically added to your “live” inventory. If there is no price set, they are added to your staged inventory to await pricing. 

Sellers storing their cards at TCGplayer see the fastest payment, as all sales are triggered for payment within 4 days.

Every Direct and Store Your Product account receives full service buyer support. Keeping your buyers happy and returning is our priority.


How do I view my Buylist Inventory?

If you are a seller now storing your cards at TCGplayer and have used a Direct/Pro account, you may notice that your Store Your Product account’s dashboard does not have a link to “Buylist Inventory.” This is by design –– Buylist Inventory is defined as inventory held for you at TCGplayer which accumulates until you request a shipment. Since your purchases are automatically added to your Staged Inventory for SYP accounts, you will never have any Buylist Inventory to request for shipment. 

How do I view what was added to my Staged Inventory from Buylist?

When a Buylist purchase has finished processing at TCGplayer, a record of what products the purchase contained is created in your Buylist Purchase Orders Page

From this page you can download receipts of all completed Buylist purchases.

Can I still request Buylist purchases from my SYP account be sent to my store?

Yes; however, since your Buylist purchases are added directly to your SYP account’s inventory you will not be able to request this in the same way Direct/Pro accounts do currently. Instead, contact customer service with a list of desired products from the stored inventory and we can begin processing this request and make a shipment to you.

Will Buylist purchases from my Direct account be added automatically to my SYP inventory stored at TCGplayer?

No; Buylist purchases from your non-SYP account will remain untouched. However, you may request your Buylist Inventory be removed from your non-SYP account and added to your SYP account when that account is initially set up. TCGplayer will upload inventory requested this way to your Staged Inventory for you to price and move to live.

Please check out our Help Center
here for more information, and feel free to contact our customer service team here if you have more questions. Thank you!