Sales of Pokémon cards on the TCGplayer marketplace have more than doubled in recent months!

On Black Friday, there will be more Pokémon buyers than ever before on TCGplayer looking to buy singles at your online store!

TCGplayer can help you set up an account that runs itself. Make the most of SYP fulfillment and sell your cards faster than a Rapidash!

Ship your products to us now and our team will take care of all fulfillment and buyer support on every order for Black Friday - and beyond!


  • Click to set up your new SYP account.
  • Check to see how much inventory you can send.
  • Upload your .csv for approval.
  • Once you have your account set up and you've completed the steps above, please fill out this form to schedule your shipment: Shipment Scheduler.

Check out this best practices resource to help your planning: How do I ship my SYP? To ensure your cards are ready to sell by Black Friday (11/27), please plan to have your approved SYP shipments arrive at TCGplayer by 11/20/20. Any shipment arriving without approval is subject to lower priority intake or return.

Have more questions? Feel free to set up a time to talk with our team on ZOOM.