Want your listings to stand out on the TCGplayer Marketplace? Make them listings with photos! They enable you to add actual photographs of the products you’re selling, along with a custom title and description. More than 50% of all listings with photos sell, and they’re 3x more likely to sell on TCGplayer.com compared to standard Marketplace listings. With a $50 commission cap on each item, you can make a significant profit for your store selling listings with photos. Plus, adding listings with photos increases customer confidence, making buyers more likely to add your products to their carts.

Here are some tips that make adding listings with photos easy and effective while generating the most customer engagement.

Take Detailed Photos Using the Tools You Have

You don’t need professional equipment to take great photos of your products. If you have a smartphone camera, you’re good to go! Make sure to use natural lighting and a background that’s simple and free of clutter so the product remains front and center. You want the images to be clear without any shadows obscuring the detail of your shot. You can add up to 5 photos so you can capture anything unique about your product, whether it’s a close-up of a signature or the crisp corners on your boxed Funko Pop! Vinyls.

Catch Customer Attention with a Relevant Custom Title

Your title is your opportunity to quickly catch the attention of those shopping on TCGplayer.com. The title field has a 255-character limit, so use your space wisely. Since condition is automatically listed below each title, there’s no need to put the condition unless it’s graded or you have specific details to include about the damage to a card. Also, make sure to use specific terms rather than fluffy or vague adjectives that don’t say much about your item. For example, BEST QUALITY, AWESOME CARD doesn’t say much, while mentioning the exact Beckett or PSA grade is better. Signed by Artist is okay, while including the name of the artist is better.

Highlight Standout Products with a Standout Description

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your unique item shine. Use the product description field to add more information and really tell your item’s story. Providing facts and adding a personal touch really goes a long way in motivating buyers to choose your special items above all others.

You have 5,000 characters to work with, so feel free to go into detail. In addition to mentioning key features of the product, make sure to highlight any points of difference that make your business better than the rest whether that’s a faster than average shipping speed, amazing quality control, great customer service or well-packaged cards.

Listings with photos are available to all sellers at all levels. Plus, you can use them to sell every product on the TCGplayer Marketplace, including Dragon Ball Super and even Funko Pop! Vinyls. Listings with photos are especially great for high-value or unique products, but you’re welcome to use them for any products at any price range.

For step-by-step guidance on adding and editing your listings with photos, visit our help center. If you have questions or feedback for our team, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or submit a request.