It's exciting - you have a collection of cards that are gathering dust and TCGplayer has a program that will sort, condition and sell those cards for you! It may be hard to believe but it's as easy as slapping a sticker on that box and shipping it to our fulfillment center in Syracuse, NY. Before you do that though, here are some best practices to ensure your shipment gets processed properly and promptly without any delay to your wallet. 

Unaccepted Cards

While the program allows for you to send in your unsorted collection, we do have some cards that would be rejected if found while moving through your collection. Unaccepted cards include: 

  • Oversized Cards
  • Non-English Cards 
  • Any cards found below Moderately Played (MP) condition 

If found amongst your collection, these cards can be shipped back to you at the seller’s expense or donated. It’s encouraged to keep an eye out for them as you package your shipment and leave them behind. 

Pack your cards with care!

We want to receive your cards in the very same condition that you sent them, so make sure that they are securely packaged well and will not incur any damage along the way. 

  • Minimize the amount a card can move within the package, for instance, fill empty spaces with packing peanuts or something similar. 
  • As shipments will be over 2,000 cards, they should be placed inside smaller BCW (or similar) boxes before being divided up into several larger boxes as needed. 
  • Please do not ship BCW boxes alone. They must be contained within a mailer or larger box, as they are not designed for shipping or rough handling. Make sure the smaller boxes do not have room to move around within the shipping box, and make sure the cards do not have room to move or flex within the smaller boxes.
  • For all orders going into a USPS flat rate box, be sure to tape the flaps on the box with strong packaging tape. These boxes do have their own adhesive, but we’ve seen it fail to hold cards inside after getting wet, going through extreme heat or cold, or being handled roughly during shipping. For your own protection, please secure the flaps with tape before shipping.
  • Please make sure to de-sleeve and box up your cards with care - we'll take it from there!

Each larger box will need a unique tracking number, and those numbers should be sent to TCGplayer using the Sort Shipping Intake FormTo participate with Sort, you will first need to have a Store Your Products account. Sign up here!

Clearly label your shipment

The TCGplayer Fulfillment Center is a bustling place. We want to make sure that your cards get processed as fast as possible. It is best to clearly mark in bold on the outside of your package your SYP account name and the word “Sort.”

Ready to send? Let us know!

All Sort shipments must first submit a shipping intake form. We want to make sure our teams are ready to catch your collections as they land in Syracuse! The intake form contains further shipment details.


I'm Interested in Sort!