Expanding your inventory to include larger items like bulk lots and booster boxes can help you increase your sales on TCGplayer.com, but it’s important to consider the shipping cost. Here are some tips to help you keep shipping costs down and revenue up when selling large products online.

Set Different Shipping Rates for Different Sizes

Make sure to set different rates for small, medium, large and extra large packages on TCGplayer.com. Shipping a bulk card lot that includes over 1,000 trading card game singles is going to cost more than shipping a booster pack so make sure to keep shipping costs in mind when setting your rates.

Factor Shipping into the Product Price

Your shipping rate is only applied to each order once based on the largest item in the order. If the order includes multiple larger items (like a booster box and a Funko Pop! figure) the actual cost of shipping might be higher. If you’re worried about the shipping being too costly, try lowering your shipping rates and raising the price of the product. This way, the cost of the whole order will scale as more items are added, and it will be affordable to ship.

Research Your Shipping Options

Save money by comparing the prices of different shipping providers like USPS, UPS and FedEx. While searching the internet is a great place to start, we also recommend reaching out to shipping providers directly. Not only will they be able to help you find the best prices, but sometimes they’re willing to offer special deals to businesses.

Look for Flat Rate Packaging

The cost to ship a package can change drastically depending its size, weight and how far it has to travel. To avoid extra costs based on these factors, take advantage of flat rate deals like USPS Flat Rate and FedEx One Rate. When you’re certain of the cost to ship your product, you can ensure a good return on each sale you make.

Selecting the right shipping rate can also help more customers find you on TCGplayer.com. For more shipping tips, visit our Help Center.