Add card singles to your inventory using your mobile device with the new Scan to Sell feature in the TCGplayer App. Scan to Sell lets you create listings with photos quickly no matter where you are—whether you’re in your stockroom adding rares on release day or at a trade show scanning in cards players sold to your store.

Instantly List Individual Cards on

Scan to Sell makes it easy to list card singles from the most popular games on Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon. To access Scan to Sell, simply sign into the TCGplayer App using your seller account. Once you’ve scanned a card, it’s just a few simple steps to add a title, description and up to five photos—all from within the app.

Adding photos to a listing is the best way to sell your rare and unique products, such as signed, altered and graded cards, on Player autographs, alternative artwork and print errors can all make a card valuable to collectors, and photos help you show off these distinctive features. Plus, listings with photos sell more often on, and you can also earn more for high-value cards with a $50 commission cap on every card you sell.

Scan Mass Quantities with Quicklist

While the TCGplayer App is great for adding individual cards, if you’re a hobby game store owner using TCGplayer Pro, you can also scan hundreds of cards at a time using our Quicklist card scanning software. That way you can speed up your inventory management and spend more time focusing on your in-store customers.

Download the TCGplayer App now to see how our easy-to-use tool can help you earn more from your high-value cards.


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