Unfortunately, we did not publish the Release Notes for our prior release, 21.17. But you’ll find them consolidated below with our most recent release, 21.18. As always, should you have any questions on this work, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Customer Success Managers for more information. 

  1. Found and fixed a number of bugs to enable the launch of our Pro Website Beta. 
  2. Fixed a bug on the Store Your Products Desired Inventory Report so that it now includes the correct Market Price throughout (versus the same Market Price for all conditions of a product, previously). 
  3. Successfully added new product lines to Quicklist in test environments and are ready to proceed with work to do the same in our Production environment soon!
  4. Fixed a bug that caused the TCG Lowest Listing Price in Inventory and Pricing tabs of Seller Portal to be incorrect.
  5. Added automated payment holds for sellers who have not provided a W-9 to us. As a reminder, W-9s can be added at any time from the Seller Portal, to remove the hold.