Updated staged export
We’ve updated staged inventory exports to match live exports under the Pricing tab in the Seller Portal. Previously, when you exported from staged, a zero would appear in the row. Now, exports are consistent between staged and live exports, so if there is no price value in the row, the row will be blank rather than displaying a zero number value.

Bug Fixes

Improved Kiosk event calendar functionality 
Previously, events were appearing twice in the Kiosk event calendar. Events are now displayed correctly in the Kiosk event calendar.

Fixed Direct by TCGplayer payments bug
We corrected a bug that was affecting seller payments for Direct by TCGplayer. Orders were being processed and paid after the customer received the order. Now sellers will be eligible to receive payments once we receive the Reimbursement Invoice (RI) shipment. We receive RIs six days a week, excluding Sunday. Please refer to our help content for more detail.