Below is a list of key updates made over the last two weeks. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Seller Growth and Success agents.  

  • Launched Pro Website and Kiosk 2.0. As a reminder, please upgrade to the faster and more reliable Pro Website 2.0 if you haven’t yet, as ​​sites currently supported by our previous management system will soon be spun down. To upgrade, simply login to Seller Portal, and go to the Pro Setting tab where you will find a Pro Website link that shares instructions on how to upgrade your Pro Website to 2.0. More info here on what has changed and how to upgrade. 
  • Card numbers are now included in packing slips to ensure the correct cards are pulled and shipped.


  • Expanded our fraud protection capabilities to ensure we’re in line with industry best practices. This includes using machine learning to increase the scale and speed at which we are able to identify and rectify issues. 
  • Fixed broken links to the FedEx site from FedEx tracking numbers within the Seller Portal under order management.

Enhancements to Pro Website 2.0:

  • In TCGplayer Pro Settings, “Hide sets with no inventory” and “Hide products with no inventory” will be checked by default for new Pro Website 2.0 users. Additionally, buyers are now able to check an “Include Out of Stock” filter to see out of stock items.


  • Fixed a bug where if a seller had pre-sale products in their inventory, searches on their site were failing. 
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong shipping amount was showing up on the Free Shipping Banner. 
  • Fixed an issue with sets properly showing in search results (sellers reported issues with Magic: The Gathering showing zero results).


Enhancements to Kiosk 2.0:

  • Updated the Related Products spotlight at the bottom of the Product Details page to only show products that are in stock. 
  • Added placeholder images for products without images in Kiosk.


  • Enhanced search in Kiosk, where the search bar now persists across Kiosk while browsing rather than existing on a single page.


  • Fixed a bug affecting the display of the dropdown menu. 
  • “Hide sets with no inventory” and “Hide products with no inventory” will be checked by default for new Kiosk users. 
  • Fixed a bug where the backspace key was malfunctioning in the search bar.  
  • Fixed a bug where in some municipalities the full tax amount was understated on order packing slips for Kiosk orders. The correct tax amount is now being stated for all Kiosk orders on the order packing slip.