Below is a list of key updates made over the last two weeks. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Seller Growth and Success agents.  

  • Added the Set List Order for your Direct by TCGplayer Reimbursement Invoice (RI) shipments to the TCGplayer Direct tab, including our newest Yu-Gi-Oh! additions. This tells you the exact order of sets in our Fulfillment Center, so that you can ensure your RIs are sorted to match. Adhering to set order increases efficiencies for you and our Fulfillment Center team, while reducing RI processing time.
  • Enhancements to Pro Website 2.0:
    • Added Related Products spotlight at the bottom of the Product Details page so customers can discover additional products they might be interested in even faster. 
    • Increased accuracy of rarity and how it is displayed in the Product Details page.