Added pricing columns to Staged Inventory CSV export  

We added additional pricing fields to our CSV files for Staged Inventory. These fields include TCG Market Price, TCG Direct Low, TCG Low Price With Shipping, and TCG Low Price. Now sellers are able to efficiently and accurately price entirely within their Staged Inventory, prior to making their inventory Live. 

Update: It has come to our attention that recent changes to our CSV inventory import functionality have inadvertently affected some of our sellers. The Number field is no longer a required field. However, if this field is included in exports, it is likely to cause import errors (e.g. “Does not match product details”). In the meanwhile, we recommend removing the Number column including header and data from any CSVs imported.


Kiosk Enhancements 

As of February 22, we are transitioning the TCGplayer Kiosk to the 2.0 version. After this date, sellers currently using the 1.5 version will be directed to 2.0 the next time they log in to Kiosk.

Pro Website and Kiosk Bug Fixes

  • We corrected a Pro Website issue where products remained in a presale status after release. 
  • We resolved a Pro Website bug where Submenus weren’t displaying correctly when a seller had a large quantity of categories. 
  • We repaired a bug that caused the last item within a menu to not display correctly on the Browse Catalog view.