Below is a list of key updates made over the last two weeks. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Seller Growth and Success agents.  

Added Sort by Price to Pro Website 2.0
Customers can now order their search results by price. 


Added Listings with Photos to Kiosk 2.0
Sellers can now sell customized/non-standard singles, with high-resolution images of products in Kiosk, including the front, back, edges, and close-up view of a card.


Added Advanced Filtering to Kiosk 2.0
Users can now refine their search and apply filters (e.g. set, color, card type).


Updated the Kiosk Login page to default to 2.0
Users can uncheck a box on the login page to revert to Kiosk 1.0 if desired.

Improved Kiosk search functionality
Previously, when a customer used the search function in Kiosk, they weren’t able to select the first search result after they typed the first three letters. 

Improved Sales Summary Report performance
Previously, some sellers were experiencing errors when running large queries. 

Improved reporting
Gross Sales and Net Sales are now consistently reported across the Sales Summary Report and Seller Tax Report.

REMINDER: You now log into your Kiosk at using your Kiosk login. The link can be found in the Kiosk settings of the TCGplayer Pro Settings tab in the Seller Portal. You no longer log into the Kiosk from your Pro Website.