When you manage an inventory that includes thousands of trading cards, it’s challenging to keep track of everything. Our Quicklist card scanning software speeds up inventory management so you have more time to help your customers. Here are a few ways you can use Quicklist to improve your workflow.

Add New Cards to Your Inventory

When you get new cards from a distributor, you can add them to your inventory quickly by scanning them with Quicklist. Quicklist will save each card’s information in a digital list so you don’t have to enter it by hand. Plus, you can scan cards automatically by connecting Quicklist to a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 scanner. Once you’ve scanned your cards, update your inventory all at once with the click of a button.

Update Your TCGplayer Buylist

If an in-store customer sells you a card on your TCGplayer Buylist, Quicklist can help you remove it from your Buylist immediately. That way you only buy as many copies as you need. Plus, you can click a toggle when you update your Buylist to simultaneously add your new cards to your inventory.

Check Out In-Store Customers

You can use Quicklist to update your inventory while you check out a customer. Simply scan your trading card singles as you sell them in-store. Updating your inventory as you sell will ensure your in-store and online customers have a smooth shopping experience—and encourage them to move fast when they see a hot-selling item.

Quicklist’s versatility can accelerate many other tasks, like building pull sheets to reference when you’re retrieving cards or printing order forms to ship with online orders. If you want someone to walk you through Quicklist and show you how to use it to streamline your workflow, contact your Customer Success Manager or email prosupport@tcgplayer.com.