Quicklist software v1.6.1 fixes several bugs and delivers many behind-the-scenes improvements. To get the latest version, simply go to the Service tab within the software and click on “Check For Updates.” Here’s what’s new:

  • CPU usage is reduced by approximately 10% when the camera sees an empty board, allowing your computer to run more efficiently.
  • “Total” label positions now match corresponding columns.
  • Store prices now update when switching from Buy to Sell.
  • Enhanced World of Warcraft TCG recognition prevents certain cards from accidentally scanning as Take Cover.

We also made a few backend updates that will enhance the functionality and performance of your TCGplayer Online Store.

  • Improved search engine optimization helps customers find your website.
  • Automated website setup for new Pro users speeds up the onboarding process.
  • A bug fix prevents attributes from accidentally resetting.

Not part of Pro yet? Visit our seller website to see how our services can power up your business.