Automatic card scanning. Autosaving. So many great new features are included with this latest software update.

  • Scan full packs in seconds by connecting Quicklist to a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500. Simply load a pack into ScanSnap and the Quicklist software will quickly and accurately recognize all the cards.
  • An autosave feature will recover your current list in the case of any unexpected crashes.
  • Enhanced card recognition allows webcams with lower resolutions to more accurately capture the cards you’re scanning.
  • You can now select a set to use for the cards you’re scanning.
  • You can also turn the scan noise on and off by going into your Quicklist Settings.

Ryan walks you through the new Quicklist enhancements and how they can help your business.

We know you can’t wait to start scanning cards using the new ScanSnap integration for Quicklist, but make sure to read the help files before you begin.

How to Install the ScanSnap Drivers

How to Use Quicklist and ScanSnap

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