Save hours of work each week with our new Pricing tab enhancements, which are available to all Level 4 Sellers. You can now update prices for products with zero quantity, allowing you to maintain your store’s prices for out-of-stock products and upcoming releases. Plus, we added new export options that provide more flexibility when creating a CSV file of your prices.

Update Prices for Products with Zero Quantity

You can now use the tools in the Pricing tab to adjust your prices without adding a quantity. Your prices will also stay in the system when an item sells out, so you can keep track of the price history. Plus, with price and quantity independent of one another, you can have your store’s pricing expert set your prices, then have any team member add or remove inventory as needed. This flexibility will save you time and make it even easier to run your business.

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New Export Options

We made improvements to the Pricing tab tools that let you slice and dice your inventory and export exactly the products you want. You can now select multiple filters across Set Names, Conditions, Languages, and Printings, plus compare against a particular price point using the Price and Value filters.

For example, if you want a spreadsheet of every card currently in Standard, you can simply select the most recent sets and click the “Export Filtered CSV” button. Then if you want to get more granular and see cards with a Market Price of $10 or more, simply use the Price and Value filters before exporting.

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